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Area rugs are an excellent decorating solution in the modern home or office. For best results it is very much recommended to start decorating after you have selected your rug, rather than trying to integrate a rug into the existing color or decor. Taking careful measurements will help ensure that the area rug you buy online will fit snugly in your space. We have many choices available to meet your requirements. An area rug fits easily into any home and any lifestyle. It is easy to install and remove, and now it is possible to buy online for additional convenience and savings. Expensive installation fees on wall to wall carpet today make an area rug economical and attractive.

We are a major retailer of carpets and rugs, serving online buyers everywhere. Our beautiful area rugs are at the forefront of modern trends in interior fashion and design. Whatever you are looking for, whether funky wool shags or subtle hand knotted tibetans; clearance items or a custom made area rug, the professionals at Modern can help.

We have been serving the public since 1999. With over 18 years of experience in the contemporary flooring industry, we can provide all of your area rug needs. We offer the industry's most exclusive collection and styles at near-best prices. Every rug order includes free shipping within the Continental United States Canada,and every purchase is backed by our 30 Day Satisfaction Warranty.

There are three major components that Define the Room when decorating; walls, floor, and furnishing, your floor covering is often the largest single design . area rug when well-chosen, will, at a glance, define the personality of a room.which Furniture and wall decoration will help make desired statement area rug, the balancing act; a room should delight-and reward the senses, and a well-decorated room or any given space is made up of a balance of color, texture, and pattern. rug styles: Assume for example, that you want to build a room around a sofa covered in large-scale floral upholstery. A rug with a small repeated pattern would be a fine contrast. The key is to vary the scale of patterns.Click to learn more about decorating with rugs

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Below you will find our site map to the site with illustrated examples of each collection including our closeouts, discounted and collection on sale. Also check out our Ecologically Responsible products.

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Examples of standard rug measurements include:the following sizes: small, medium, large, palace

size , 1' x 1', 2 ' x 2', 2 ' x 3', 3 ' x 3', 3 ' x 5', 4 ' x 4', 4 ' x 6', 5 ' x '5, 5 ' x 8', 6 ' x 6', 6 ' x 9', 7 ' x 7', 7 ' x 10', 8 ' x 8', 8 ' x 10', 8 ' x 11', 9 ' x 9', 9 ' x 12', 10 ' x 10',
11 ' x 11', 12 ' x 12', 12 ' x 15', 12 ' x 18',

Dominant colors can be found in: beige,

orange, pink, purple,black, blue, brown, burgundy, green, grey, navy, olive, red, rust, salmon, turquoise, white & yellow.

Values, discount, & sale prices can be found in the link above. Fast free shipping on all orders.


It's your space, make it your own

A custom rug is the ultimate way to define your space and make your uniqe vision a reality. Whether to beautify your home or make your business more profitable, there are many applications where only a custom rug will do. You may take special pride in a beautiful home that reflects your personal tastes and lifestyle. You may be a designer or architect with a unique vision for your project. Or you may be a business owner/operator looking to bring corporate branding to your office or other business location. Whatever the application, we've made a custom rug for it. Now let us make custom rugs for you.





custom rugs


Clearance Rugs

Rugs Clearance Sale  Save 50% on our overstocked  items while they are still  in stock. FREE fast delivery  anywhere in the lower 48  USA within 10 business days  or less! 

This section is for those  who are looking for cheap  rugs, meaning clearance area rugs, and discount  shag, sale on Tibetan, Flokati, outdoor rugs. Browse through  our contemporary,  traditional, and a variety  of other rug styles in our  clearance rug sale section. 
Whether you are looking for  cheap area rugs or discount  outdoor rugs, you will find  exactly what you want at 


Clearance sale
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save 40% to 80%


Large Rugs.

come in many sizes, including large 7-foot by 9-foot area rugs and room-filling 10-foot by 14-foot rugs. Large rugs can cover small imperfections in your carpet or hardwood flooring as well. Create special dinner seating with a large rug beneath your dinner table or add focus to a favorite sitting area with a handmade modern rug.


Clearance sale
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save 40% to 80%


Modern Masters Collection

Modern Abstract Rugs Wool Hhand Carved

Modern / contemporary collection inspired by twentieth century decorative art. Drawing on 1910 Vienna scession 1930 Art Deco and 1950 Abstract expressionism, the Modern Masters Collection celebrates modern design at its best.contemporary area modern rugs inspired by twentieth century decorative art. Drawing on 1910 Vienna scession 1930 Art Deco and 1950 Abstract expressionism, these rugs celebrate modern design at its best.

     Marc Chagall carpets
 Paul Klee carpets
     Gustav Klimt carpets
 Mike Kolb carpets

     Joan Miró carpets
 Piet Mondrian carpets

     Mark Rothko carpets
 Carolyn Quartermaine carpets
     and many more...


Art rugs from the masters

Bauhaus Rugs

Color and form unite in perfect harmony. These hand tufted modern area rugs showcase a perfected color palette. A true throwback to the German art school.


Contemporary European Rugs

Popism Collection

Popism modern rugs are inspired by pop art, characterized by vibrant colors and new European trends. A exclusive not found anywhere else in the Americas.

Pangea Collection

The area modern rugs in this collection are all inspired by urban landscapes, making way for a statement where texture, shape, and line are the form. "It is the art piece on the floor."

Contemporary wool rugs

Continental Rugs

Designed to appeal to a universal crowd, these modern area rugs bring the luxury of pure wool to a wide audience.



Affordable area rugs

Round Rugs

These area rugs naturally attract the eye to a focal point with their beauty and shape. A perfect choice for your dining room, but will work well in any setting.


Designer Rugs collections

Modern area rugs and carpet by today's most prominent designers of superb quality and breathtaking design. Wool is the most common material for carpets but cotton is frequently used for the foundation of city and workshop carpets. There are a wide variety in types of wool used for weaving.


These are carpets that have their pile injected into a backing material, which is itself then bonded to a secondary backing comprising a woven hessian weave or a man made alternative to provide stability. This is the most common method of manufacturing of domestic carpets for floor covering purposes in the world.

Signature Designer

Christopher Fareed

A designer of the 90s and today, he has experimented with radical structures and forms. Some of his original work drew its influence from print media, pop art and grunge culture, exploring the use of cultural trends and incorporating them into home decor. His designs influence in re-defining the boundaries of rug making. Since the beginning he has used convergent technologies, computers, mathematics, and theories of proportion in his designs.

Christopher Fareed Bio
Christopher Fareed collection


Signature Collection
Christopher Fareed

Signature Collection

Gandia Blasco Rugs

Gandia Blasco was born in 1941 as a family business in Valencia Spain. All items are still produced in their factory in Valencia. The Gandia Blasco contemporary rugs collection now includes both modern outdoor furniture, indoor furniture andcontemporary designer rugs. Gandia Blasco's luxury exterior furniture, fabric and accessories are extraordinary in their design and are engineered to last a lifetime.

Gandia Blasco Bio
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Gandia Blasco modern rugs collection

Gandia Blasco Modern Half Moon Rug Khaki
view entire Gandia Blasco rugs

Arte Espina rugs

Magical and expressive, these internationally recognized Designer these are the cutting edge of modern and super contemporary rugs were hand made with the best quality wool and craftsmanship.

Nani Marquina rugs
Nani Marquina rugs

Arte Espina Bio
Site Wide Search
Arte Espina area rugs collection

nanimarquina rugs collection
Entire designer of nanimarquina
rug collection click HERE

Calvin Klein

Purity and simplicity transform modern luxury. Calvin Klein modern area rugs are made from the highest quality New Zealand wool, silk, and other blended fibers available.

Calvin Klein Bio
Site Wide Search
Calvin Klein rugs collection

Calvin Klein area rugs
view rug collection

Dakota Jackson modern rugs series

A renown designer of high-end contemporary furniture for residential, contract and institutional applications, Dakota Jackson debuts his award winning rug collection

Dakota Jackson Bio
Site Wide Search
Dakota Jackson rugs collection

Dakota Jackson rugs
view rug collection

Thomas Paul rugs

Thomas Paul has an unparalleled ability to reinterpret classic design styles Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Fifties Modernism, Sixties Pop Art, Seventies Glamour, Asian, Baroque, and Hollywood Regency---to create innovative, affordable, and gorgeous contemporary rug collection

Thomas Paul Rugs

Thomas Paul Bio

Site Wide Search
Thomas Paul contemporary rugs collection

thomas paul rugs designer

veiw thomas paul rug collection

Martha Stewart rugs

For years, Martha Stewart has been collecting modern area rugs for their distinctive beauty and artistry. She believes that a well-made rug creates an instant impression, defining and adorning the space around it. That's why Martha Stewart, in partnership with us, is proud to introduce a collection of area rugs with collective designs, radiant colors, and exceptional craftsmanship.

Martha Stewart Bio

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Martha Stewart rugs collection

martha stewart rugs designer
Martha Stewart rugs

Arte Espina Rugs

Engineered, adaptable, and interactive. Designs by Arte Espina were made to “survive” an environment beyond the life cycles of fashion. Hand made with the finest New Zealand wool, the Arte Espina rugs are pleasing and enjoyable to use now and in 20 years..

Arte Espina Bio

Site Wide Search
Arte Espina rugs collection

Arte Espina
Arte Espina Rugs

Amy Butler Rugs

In Amy Butler Rugs collection, you can also find square, rectangle, and round contemporary area rugs as well as contemporary runners and custom area rugs..

Amy Butler Bio

Site Wide Search
Martha Stewart rugs collection

amy butler rugs designer
view more Amy Butler rugs collection

Candice Olson

Candice Olson's modern area rugs are best described as sophisticated and intelligent. Candice Olson's designs are able to fit into nearly any room, which makes her a very versatile designer. is one of the exclusive online stores carrying Candice Olson rugs featuring these amazing rug collection. Contact us today if you need any help finding the rug of your dreams!

Candice Olson Bio

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Martha Stewart rugs collection

Candice Olson rugs
view Candice Olson rugs

Signature Collection

A fully customizable collection of plush, dense and vibrant hand made rugs.

Signature Collection
(Signature Collection)

Jessica Miller

Engineered, adaptable, and interactive. Designs by Jessica Miller were made to “survive” an environment beyond the life cycles of fashion. Hand made with the finest New Zealand wool, the Jessica Miller modern rugs are pleasing and enjoyable to use now and in 20 years..

Jessica Miller Bio

Site Wide Search
Martha Stewart rugs collection

Jessica Miller
(view Jessica Miller rugs )

Christopher Fareed

A unique and innovative line of
modern Christopher’s designs are creative, maximizing the use of space, deceiving the eye if necessary and paying particular attention to the way space relates to a rug. He enjoys visually integrating the interiors with progressions of popular culture, principally reflecting modern trends and personality; incorporating individual style in existing architecture. A fully customizable collection of hand made area rugs. Each contemporary rug is hand made with pure New Zealand wool which is known for its softness, pliability, and superior dye absorption (for more rich, vivid colors). Shop high pile, low pile, New Zealand wool, Banana Silk Christopher Fareed rugs @

Christopher Fareed Bio

Site Wide Search
Martha Stewart rugs collection

Christopher Fareed area rugs
(Christopher Fareed)

Paolo Zani Rugs

Paolo Zani Rugs is making waves in the world of modern/contemporary interior design. The September, 2004 edition of Architectural Digest had this to say about Paolo Zani Rugs's latest line of designer rugs:

Paolo Zani Bio

Marli rugs

Adam Tihany is proud to introduce "Nashki" and "Kufi" rugs by Adam Tihany, a preeminent architect, interior designer and product designer.

Adam Tihany Bio
Site Wide Search
Adam Tihany rugs collection

Adam Tihany rugs
Adam Tihany

Julie Cohn

Incredible chic semi-worsted New Zealand wool modern rugs and wool and silk blend rugs are truly divine. Luxurious on the eye and to the touch the Julie Cohn's Shibui modern rugs have a distinctive, elegant edge. This collection of sophisticated area rugs have a cool, luxe feel that will add a touch of understated glamour to any room.

  area rugs

view Julieb Cohn collection

Ligne Pure Designer Rugs.

LIGNE PURE is a new brand of decorative area rugs, sourced around the globe for the discerning customer. Reflecting the world and time we live in, these diverse and unique collections challenge traditional rug categories. Its philosophy lies within its name: a Pure Line with rich natural materials of the finest quality and strong, distinctive designs.

click here to see more LIGNE PURE's rugs

Bob Mackie

Bob Mackie Collection of modern rugs features fashion forward designs in today's hottest colors. From modern to transitional, to contemporary. these rugs are a perfect for today's home or office trends.

Bob Mackie rugs collection

view Bob Mackie rug collection

World Rugs

Each Collection in this exclusive and is hand knotted with pure new wool and individually carved between colors.


Tibetan Area Rugs
 Tibetan Rugs 

The highest quality of Tibetan modern rugs available today. Designed for a variety of modern interiors. Hand knotted with pure Tibetan wool and silk.

This Tibetan Rugs collection contains elegant understated patterns in a variety of quiet colors to complement modern interiors. The extra lush pile features hand spun Himalayan wool interwoven with silk accents.

These Tibetan area rug collections of hand-knotted, 100% wool offer distinctive, contemporary designs in updated natural dyes and colors including beige, orange, purple, black, blue, brown, burgundy, green, grey, navy, olive, red, rust, salmon, turquoise, white & yellow


Site Wide Search
Tibetan modern rugs collection

Tibetan rugs
(click image)

 Spain Rugs

Magical and expressive, these internationally recognized contemporary rugs were hand made with the best quality wool and craftsmanship.

Tibetan modern rugs collection

spain rugs
(click image)

 Netherlands Rugs

A savvy and cozy addition to any home, these beautifully crafted rugs exemplify comfort and style in both look and feel. Made with the best available pure virgin wool.

Netherland rugs
(click image)

Manhattan Rugs  

Streamlined designs with a Manhattan inspiration, these fine quality hand knotted rugs of soft wool and silk add a high class look to any room.

Manhattan rugs
(click image)

 Belgium Rugs

Savvy and comfortable, the Belgium Collection of contemporary area rugs uses high quality wool or polypropylene and state of the art weaving techniques to project its progressive designs.

Featuring exclusive designs, these beautiful rugs were made with the most cutting edge weaving techniques, resulting in vibrant colors and a soft hand with minimum shedding.



belgium rugs
(click image)

  Denmark Rugs

Add comfort and style to your home with a rug from this soft modern rug collection. Designed in Denmark and hand made with premium wool.

denmark rugs
(click image)

  India Rugs


This unique collection was inspired by the designs of leading interior designers. Hand made with pure wool.

india rugs
(click image)

Gabbeh Collection

The scenes of rolling hills and colorful flower fields depicted with little detail and in deep colors: Crimson Reds, Cobalt Blues, Rust and Olive Greens are soothing to the eye, while the extra lush pile feels comfortable under the feet.

Hand knotted Persian gabbeh area rugs in Nepal with 100% hand-dyed Himalayan wool in an extra lush pile.

Buy online today for free and fast shipping.

FREE delivery anywhere in the continental USA within 10 business days or less!


 Miami Rugs

Add comfort and style to your home with a rug from this soft modern rug collection. Designed in Miami.

miami rugs
(click image)

 Scandinavia Rugs

A fun variety of Scandinavian rug designs. Each rug is hand made with 100% new wool.

scandinavian rugs
(click image)

Soho Rugs

In vogue! Dazzle your guests with comfort and style. Introducing shaggy leather rugs - the newest rug of choice in Soho.






 Shaggy Leather

Dazzle your guests with comfort and style. Introducting shaggy leather rugs - the newest rug of choice in Soho.

leather rug
(click image)


Shag pile rugs are BACK hip and better than ever is introducing the new kinds of Shag hi pile carpets. These are our exclusive collections of shag area rugs that are thick and dense, with heavy, lustrous pile and deep, rich colors. More than any other contemporary shag

modern area rugs
Shag Rugs

shag rug
(click image)


Decorate your home with premium quality flokati contemporary area rugs - the most comfortable, elegant and stylish area rugs of today.

These luxurious, washable and durable carpets are hand woven with 100% pure New Zealand wool for a great natural look


Flokati Rugs
(click image)

Retro Shag

Shag pile rugs are BACK hip and better than ever is introducing the new kinds of Shag hi pile carpets. These are our exclusive collections of shag area rugs that are thick and dense, with heavy, lustrous pile and deep, rich colors. More than any other contemporary shag rugs on the market today, they are super plush and funky hand made with a variety of premium materials including silk, wool, and cotton.

Retro shag rugs
(click image)

 Sheepskin Rugs

Indulge yourself with the finest sheepskin and lambskin rugs from New Zealand. Although these rugs are predominantly used on the floor as luxurious coverings, they can also be used as a throw, on beds, or draped over any type of seat. Traditional and vibrant new colors.

Designer sheepskin rugs
(click image)

Cowhide Rugs

Hair-On Leather: Creative experimentation in cowhide area rugs is among the fastest-growing trends in modern interior design.

Versatile enough to blend seamlessly into contemporary or western decor, to dress up or dress down a room, contemporary cowhide area rugs are a perfect answer to furnishing a unique space.

Cowhide Rugs

Modern Exotic Cowhide Rug

(click image)

 Kids Rugs

Featuring Mary-Kate & Ashley rugs from Shaw!
For the nursery, the bedroom, the playroom, or just for fun, our Kid's Collection exemplifies the finest in children's rugs

Kids Rugs
(click image)



Aros and Dots contemporary area rugs to accent any room setting. Featuring a plush pile hand made with the finest bikaneri and New Zealand wool.

stone rug
(click image)

Sisal Jute Rugs

Bring texture to your room with our completely new and unique line of modern sisal and jute area rugs.

Learn about Sisal rugs

Contemporary sisal area rugs

(click image)

 Botanical Rugs

Nature for the indoors. These beautifully hand made rugs offer a calming yet exotic atmosphere with just a subtle splash of color.

botanical rugs
(click image)

Save 50%

 Contemporary Furniture

Decorate every room in your home or office. We currently stock a very comprehensive collection of hand selected domestic Modern european furniture. buy complete collections of:




Bar Stools
Art Objects
Outdoor Furniture
Bar Stools
Art Objects
Outdoor Furniture
Bar Tables
Floor Lamps
Wall Lamps
Living Room



modern beds

contemporary bedroom furniture
(click image)

    Coffee Table

coffee table

contemporary living & dining table
(click image)



modern bar stools

modern bar stool



Modern Table Lamps

contemporary table lamp
(click image)





modern chairs

contemporary chairs
(click imag

Art Accessory

Designer, contemporary lighting for those with extra ordinary taste! online store also sells trendy ambient lighting some unusual table lamps for homes or restauran, cafes and bars beautiful mood lights, modern floor lamps

contemporary lighting floor lamp
(click image)

    For Home Office

contemporary wall lamps

contemporary sconce lighting
(click image)


soft seating

Soft seating and cushions
(click image)



contemporary sofas

contemporary sofa and lounge furnishings
(click image)

Contemporary Furniture

Felt rugs and Felted Designer Rugs.

Felt rugs using Felted wool are making waves in the world of modern and contemporary interior design. by September, 2009 Felt rugs have been emerging as an alternative to the traditional "flat" designs years past and have been adopted and added to the latest line of designer rugs:


Decorate your home with contemporary art, furniture, gifts and lighting. Gift ideas include metal, ceramic, and glass art.

Carefully selected to complement your modern rugs with any of the following fine home accessories:

complement your modern rugs with select home accessories including: lighting, fans, modern furniture, ceramic art, glass art, modern art.




 Modern Art

For adding the right touch of color to match your masterpeice under your feet.


modern art
(click image)


Each exquisite object designed with the highest quality in mind. Only the finest materials were used in the creation of each modern work of art.

modern lighting
(click image)


Our reproductions of modern classic furniture designs by Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Charles Eames, Eileen Gray and others are made to same design, detailing and standards as the originals or in some cases even better as new technology allows!


modern furniture
(click image)

  Glass Art

Glass ART

glass art

 Ceramic Art

Ceramic ART

ceramic art
(click image)

  Metal Art (to be introduced)  

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