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Modern Rugs Masters

Modern Rugs Masters Collection

Contemporary and modern area rugs inspired by twentieth century decorative art. Drawing on 1910 Vienna scession 1930 Art Deco and 1950 Abstract expressionism now made for your floors , these modern rugs celebrate modern design at its best.)

Popism-Pop Art Rugs Collection

Popism rugs are inspired by pop art, characterized by vibrant colors and new European trends. A exclusive collection of carpets not found anywhere else in the Americas.

Studio Collection Rugs

Fun & affordable and inexpensive rug designs made with stain resistant polypropylene in a soft, plush pile in solid an multi colors.

Bauhaus Rugs

Color and form unite in perfect harmony. These hand tufted area rugs showcase a perfected color palette. A true throwback to the German art school by working with minimal patterns of the floor for the wonderful expression of space.


Pangea Textured Rugs Collection

The area rugs in this collection are all inspired by urban landscapes, making way for a statement where texture, shape, and line are the form. "It is the art piece on the floor."

Striped Area Rugs

These modern area rugs naturally attract the eye to a focal point with their beauty and shape.A perfect choice for your dining room, but will work well in any setting.

Continental Rugs

Designed to appeal to a universal crowd, these area rugs bring the luxury of pure wool to a wide audience.

Solid Color Rugs

any size any color

Whether used as a segway between rooms or to welcome guests into your home, these runners are sure to impress wherever they are placed.






you've come to the right place if you've been searching for the perfect contemporary or modern addition to your home! Since 1999, We have been offering the largest selection of modern area rugs including luxurious Tibetan styles and shag rugs in every size, color and design imaginable. Our huge selection ensures that you'll find exactly what you're looking for and if not, our design representatives will help you every step of the way. If you have any questions about our contemporary rugs, please call our team Design professionals!