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our featured designers have a love of art a passion for innovation and a belief that a well designed room can enhance the life of the individual. rugs that suit the way people live, relax and work

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calvin klein

Calvin Klein designer area rugs
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a unique and innovative line of rugs by Christopher Fareed.


dakota jackson

Dakota Jackson designer area rugs
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a renown designer of high-end contemporary furniture for residential, contract and institutional applications, dakota jackson debuts his award winning modern rugs collection.

hanna korvela

designer area rugs
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modern and clean-lined cotton knit or wool intertwined with strong paper yarn. these commercial grade rugs are available in 12 color schemes and seven standard sizes. dustless, durable, reversible, and easy to clean.

marc davidson

marc davidson designer rugs
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exclusive designs by marc davidson, an emerging american designer of area rugs. beautifully hand tufted with 100% premium wool.



modern rugs


jessica miller

Jessica miller designer rugs
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engineered, adaptable, and interactive. designs by jessica miller were made to “survive” an environment beyond the life cycles of fashion. hand made with the finest new zealand wool, the jessica miller rugs are pleasing and enjoyable to use now and in 20 years.

Christopher Fareed

Gene Meyer designer area rugs
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a unique and innovative line of rugs by Christopher Fareed.


angela adams

benjamin noriega-ortis designe area r rugs
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about the designer

angela adams studio collection
Experimenting with rugs as landscape, each design can transform a room into a comforting oasis while also bringing an inspiring vibrancy to an interior with color and texture that will remind us of our favorite season, place, or experience.

custom made rugs

custom designer rugs

in three simple steps, we can custom make any rug to meet exact color, size and quality requirements.

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Warlamis designer area rugs
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designed by architect prof. warlamis, the vienna collection is our exclusive collection of limited edition rugs.

adam tihany

Adam Tihany designer area rugs
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modern rugs .com is proud to present "nashki" and "kufi" rugs by adam tihany, a preeminent architect, interior designer and product designer.

floral garden

designer rugs
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as featued in elle decor, the floral garden collection of rugs and pillows are an elegant addition to any home.