eco-friendly area rugs

The environmentally conscious trend is hitting all aspect of the design & architecture industry. We stock hundreds of eco-friendly and nature friendly sustainablearea rugs to meet this growing demand. These "green" rug choices are sure to bring years of beauty to your home or office while creating a minimum or non-existent impact on the environment. Available in several different colors and designs, you are sure to find a sustainable eco-rug that will suite your tastes. Perfect for the environment, lofts, teen rooms, student dorms, offices, and countless of other settings you will love your natural environmentally responsible area rugs.

Featured Eco Sustainable Rug

Bamboo shag environmentally friendly area rugs (ecologically responsible)
Bamboo Shag Ivory Eco Area Rug

Bamboo has quickly become the most popular eco-friendly natural fiber. Experience this exciting new Bamboo Shag Rug in your home - for your health and for the planet! Naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial which promotes a healthy environment in your home. Bamboo yarn is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly which is beneficial to all, especially those with sensitive respiratory and skin conditions. Softer than cotton with a natural sheen similar to cashmere and silk using natural organic dyes. Bamboo is sustainable and grows naturally without the need for pesticides or fertilizers. The dense pile is a blend of 80% bamboo and 20% cotton and a separately applied 100% cotton canvas backing.

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bamboo eco rugs

Bamboo eco-friendly area rugs
(ecologically responsible)
Arboretum Bamboo Eco-Rug

The best bamboo rugs on the market! Our original bamboo area rugs are available in indoor/outdoor styles in a wide cariety of popular sizes and eye-catching patterns with natural environmentally friendly organic dyes. They are attractive, durable, easy to clean and ecologically friendly using sustainable resources. Unlike hardwood that can take decades to grow to a mature height ready for harvest, bamboo grows 8-12 feet a year! Therefore, closely regulated harvesting of sustainable bamboo forests is much more ecologically responsible than reckless clear-cutting of old-growth hardwood forests.

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seagrass eco rugs

Nature Friendly Seagrass Rugs
(ecologically responsible)
Black Border Environment Seagrass Rug

The hand woven sustainable sea grass rugs of the this collection are perfect for any decor, modern or classic and the environment. The inspired simplicity of the environmentally friendly geometric design can be adjusted to suit your taste at any level, mixing the natural color of the sustainable sea grass with borders of red, green, yellow, beige, orange or black.Seagrass is an exotic and durable plant fiber derived from tropical grasses indigenous to China. This is the most stain resistant and durable natural fiber rug available.

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sisal eco rugs

Environmentally Friendly Sisal Area Rugs
(ecologically responsible)
Black Border Environment Sisal Rug

This collection's ultra stylish hand woven natural sisal rugs are refined elegance combined with total functionality and environmentally friendly. Perfect for the contemporary home, they come in a natural tan with your choice of a colored border.Sisal is a gorgeous natural fiber derived from the sustainable Agave Sisalana cactus plant commonly harvested in Brazil and Africa. It offers a beautiful, textured style, environmentally friendly, and performs well in high-traffic areas.

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jute eco rugs

Eco-friendly Area Rugs
(ecologically responsible)
Noche Black eco-friendly Area Rug

Simplicity, style, elegance, responsible for the environment, and comfort separate this collection from all others. Constructed from super refined piled sustainable jute and leather colored with natural organic dyes, this rug offers a soft feel and sophisticated design to suit the most contemporary of homes and is also environmentally friendly.

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jute & silk eco area rugs

Jute and Silk Area Rugs
(ecologically responsible)
Silk-Jute Rug Autumn

This collection's ultra stylish sustainable jute/full silk blend rugs with natural organic environmentally friendly dyes are perfect for any low-traffic high-impact areas of the home. The bold and colorful linear designs are a delight to the eyes and are certain to enliven any room without hurting the environment.

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recycled eco area rugs

Recycled Area Rugs
(ecologically responsible)
Recycled Bicicleta Environment Rug

Looking after the environment starts at home and recycling is only the beginning. Little things like how to use biodegradable or recycled products help us to awaken our conscience and form the necessary attitude, which, added to that of millions of other people, can make a difference to the world. The Bicicleta area rug was born out of research into the possibility of using recycled rubber to create new textures. On one of our trips to India the solution came to us almost spontaneously: recycle the tyre inner tubes from bicycles, the definitive mode of transport in this country.

bamboo eco chair mats

Bamboo Chair Mats
(ecologically responsible)
Dark Cherry Tri-Fold Chair Mat

These chair mats meld beauty, style and function to create an alternative to the bland, utilitarian vinyl chair mat. There is no company carrying this product in the marketplace currently! This Premium Office Chair Mats are incredibly durable and will add an elegant touch to any office or home office setting and is safe on the environment. They are also made from ecologically friendly wood harvested from sustainable, protected forests