Modern Rug Masters

Modern area rugs inspired by twentieth century decorative art. Drawing on 1910 Vienna scession 1930 Art Deco and 1950 Abstract expressionism, the Modern Masters Collection of contemporary area rugs celebrates modern design at its best. Inspirations were created from the greatest artworks of this century. All area rugs from the Modern Masters Collection are made using a variety of different techniques including traditional methods such as hand made and as well as modern methods that utilize machine to craft some of the best looking rugs around the world. Only materials of the finest quality such as 100% premiunm wool, banana-silk, cotton, natural fiber, etc are used to create these rugs.

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In this area rug collection, you can also find square, rectangle, and round contemporary area rugs as well as contemporary runners and custom area rugs.

Main searchable colors available for all area rugs on the siteSearchable measurements are shown below in feet:

2 x 3
3 x 5
4 x 6
5 x 8
6 x 9
7 x 10
8 x 10
8 x 11
9 x 12
10 x 13
10 x 14

And can be custom made in sizes listed below:

12 x 15
12 x 16
12 x 18
13 x 22

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