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Shag Rugs

Shag Rugs are BACK hip and better than ever is introducing the new kinds of Shag carpets. These are our exclusive collections of shag rugs that are thick and dense, with heavy, lustrous pile and deep, rich colors. More than any other shag rugs on the market today, they are super plush and funky hand made with 100% wool, leather, or jute, wool, and silk combinations. Check them out, these shaggy leather and wool rugs are available in over 100 different colors and designs. Style from the gurus of design. When you have space to fill, you want to fill it with only those few things that count. Perfect for lofts, teen rooms, student dorms, where texture is the statement these rugs are the height of cool. now they are all here shaggy leather rugs are available in over 100 different colors and designs.

Featured Rug

cuks shag area rug(click image)
natural cuks shag rug

Shag rugs today are handmade in countries such as Spain Tibet India Pakistan Morocco Israel Portugal the US and China. Choose from textures such as twist pile, velvet, shag pile, saxony and loop pile. Many shag carpets wear solid colors, but nowadays innovative designers have introduced many abstract, floral, garden, pictorial, plain, classic animal print, and geometric patterns to the shag carpet. Those new designs are what make the shag's return to the spotlight so celebrated, especially the popular shaggy leather rug seen in major modern art galleries, showcases and lofts. Shag rugs are at high value and are on sale at big discounts. Rugs may be custom ordered to meet your exact color, size and quality requirements. For example, we can weave the rugs from this collection to make any area rug

round rug,
square rug,
rectangular rug,

Examples of standard rug measurements include:


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shaggy leather rugs


leather shag area rug
(click image)
multicolor leather shag rug

Go for the maximum effect with this updated take on the retro shag rug: shaggy leather. Fun and uninhibited, shaggy leather fits in both modern and rustic settings.

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flokati rugs

flokati shag area rugs
(click image)
genuine flokati

Experience the beauty and sheer luxury of the rare flokati rug. Made of fine quality wool in Greece, the plush warmth and high pile of the shaggy flokati is inviting in any living room or bedroom.

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wool shag rugs

wool shag area rugs
(click image)
shag rug taupe specks

an attention-getting speckled pattern gives this gorgeous 100% shaggy wool rug plenty of interest.

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red super Shag Rugs
(click image)
red super shag rug

super plush describes the all wool super shag rug. symbolic of the 60s and 70s, that great high pile look is back!

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(click image)
gray cuks shag rug

the wow factor has never been more apparent than here in our featured rug, the high pile wool cuks shag rug. you must experience this one for yourself.

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poko cuks shag area rug
(click image)
poco cuks shag rug

the poco cuks unique pebble pile is super soft and luxurious.

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retro shag

retro Shag Rugs
(click image)

an exciting rug for its unusual pattern and extra luxurious angora wool material, the variance shag rug is a sophisticated choice for any room.

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red waves retro shag area rugs
(click image)
red waves retro shag rug

beautifully patterned, high end angora wool
makes this plush retro shag rug sublime to the touch.

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stain resistant shag rugs

shag rugs
(click image)
shag rug blue

a low maintenance requirement makes this fun shag rug especially attractive to working families and students.

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