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Get a first glance of today's most prominent luxury rugs designers and thier latest creations; Modern rugs has been featuring the widest selection of luxury rugs for sale online since 1999 our commitment to quality has set us a part for years, choose from many breathtaking designer area rugs. Our featured designers have a love of art, a passion or innovation, and a belief that a well designed froom can enhance the life of the individual. Rugs that suit the way people live, relax, and work.

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Can't find the perfect designer area rug for your space? specializes in creating and curating a line of luxury Designer area rugs. Choose or customize thousands of large, oversize, and palace-sized Tibetan, hand-knotted, and hand-tufted designer area rugs for any residential or hospitality setting! With complete control over size, shape, color, and quality, we can assure you that we will produce the perfect custom designer area rug for your space.

Browse our online selection of top-quality luxury designer rugs for inspiration or submit your own artwork to our design team through our custom rug inquiry form, found on any product page, to begin creating your own custom, luxury area rug.
To find out more about our custom rug making process, please visit ourCustom Rugs page to learn more about creating your own piece of art!

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