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gabbeh rugs

Gabbeh rugs mentioned in scripts as early as the 16th century.the often daring colour compositions, and in impromptu irregularities. These rugs cannot be compared with the inflexible patterns of Oriental carpets.

The brightly coloured hues of their nomads clothes and their friendly hospitality are in stark contrast to the bare desolate country they live in.

The best place to find excellent Gabbeh handmade Oriental & Persian rugs at discount prices. The Gabbeh rugs can take thousands of handmade hours to make and Gabbeh rugs are very valuable as antiques.

The value of the Gabbeh rugs only increases with time. A Gabbeh rug will make the perfect addition to any room. Many styles, colors, patterns, and sizes of Gabbeh area rugs available. These are the highest quality Persian & Oriental antique Gabbeh rugs that are handmade in countries such as Iran. Choose from patterns such as abstract, floral, garden, pictorial, plain, prayer, and geometric. Many of the Gabbeh abstract, floral, garden, pictorial, plain, prayer, and geometric patterns are at high value and are on sale at big discounts. Gabbeh rugs are available in the following sizes & colors: small, medium, large, palace size

, 1x1, 2X2, 2X3, 3X3, 3X5, 4X4, 4X6, 5X5, 5X8, 6X6, 6X9, 7X7, 7X10, 8X8, 8X10, 8X11, 9X9, 9X12, 10X10, 10X13, 10X14, 11X11, 12X12, 12X15, 12X18

orange, pink, purple,black, blue, brown, burgundy, green, grey, navy, olive, red, rust, salmon, turquoise, white & yellow. Values, discount, & sale prices can be found in the link below. Fast free shipping on all orders.

The nomads make a particular type of carpet - the Gabbeh carpets - Their unfettered and unrestricted way of life is reflected in the designs,


Often depicting scenes of rolling hills and colorful flower fields depicted with little detail and in deep colors: crimson reds, cobalt blues, rust and olive greens are soothing to the eye, while the extra lush wool pile feels comfortable under the feet.

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Gabbeh area rugs

Gabbeh Rugs
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Classic Gabbeh flower fields rug
Accentuate line and pattern with colorful geometric squares.


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farmlands Gabbeh rug
Add warmth and texture to your floor with Gabbeh rug "Farmlands."


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harmony Gabbeh style rug

Concentric red, yellow, and green rectangles add depth and dimension to your space.





Modern Gabbeh rugs

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Persian Gabbeh chai
Add beautiful soothing style to any room with softly graduated color.



contemporary Gabbeh Rugs
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Gabbeh style rural imagery
Expressions in color on hand spun wool.



red Gabbeh Rugs
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Gabbeh rug rolling hills

Pastoral simplicity is suggested in this soothing Gabbeh carpet.




contemporary Gabbeh carpets

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av Gabbeh rug
Simple, bold style in this two tone blue Gabbeh carpet.


green Gabbeh Rugs
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green fields I Gabbeh area rug

Calming earthy shades in green.


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nomads Gabbeh style area rug

Bold tribal style echoes in gorgeous Gabbeh rug "Nomads"





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