flokati rugs

flokati rugs for your home or work space.

Flokati rugs are the rare vestige of a beautiful Greek tradition of rug making. Woven high in the mountains of ancient Greece, the secret of Flokati rug making is guarded by a single family. Though difficult to find in the United States, Modern Rugs.com has established links to exclusive importers of this fantastic area rug. The Flokati rug is luxurious, warm, decadent, and sensual. Its natural wool texture and high pile add depth and interest to any style of home, whether traditional or contemporary. Like other area rugs, Flokati rugs are available in many sizes and colors, incuding intense red, orange, and green as well as pastel and natural colors. Flokati rugs are also quite stain resistant due to the natural qualities of the wool material.

these luxurious, machine washable and durable carpets are hand woven with 100% pure new zealand wool for a great natural look.

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Flokati Rugs - Natural
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natural flokati rug


Flokati Rugs - red
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red flokati rug





 Flokati area Rugs - violet
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violet flokati rug

Decorate your home with premium violet quality flokati contemporary area rugs - the most comfortable, elegant and stylish area rugs of today.


Flokati Rugs - gold
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gold flokati rug

gold flokati rugs look great in any setting, brightening the space of whatever room they are placed in..


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orange flokati rug

this wild orange flokati area rug will provide your space with a unique mood, sure to impress everyone.


Flokati Rugs - Burgundy
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burgundy flokati rug

this dark red burgundy flokati area rug will look gorgeous in any space they are placed in.


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Flokati Rugs - Pastel Yellow
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pastel yellow flokati rug

these beautiful pastel yellow flokati area rugs will brighten any room they are in.


Flokati Rugs - Pastel Blue
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pastel blue flokati rug

this pastel blue flokati area rug is sure to provide you with a visual and literal feeling of warmth year-round.


Rugs - Pastel Pink
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pastel pink flokati rug

set off the mood with this sensual pink modern flokati rug


Flokati Rugs - Pastel Green
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pastel green flokati rug

pastel green contemporary flokati area rugs look great in any modern rooms.



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Flokati Rugs - Black

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black flokati rug

this bold black flokati area rug provides a brilliant dark addition to your floor..


Flokati Rugs - Cocoa
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cocoa flokati rug

the cocoa flokati area rug is the best way to give a room a modern look.


Flokati Rugs - Olive
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olive flokati rug

decorate your space with this gorgeous olive contemporary flokati area rug


 Flokati Rugs - Mushroom
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mushroom flokati rug

this off wihte mushroom flokati area rug fits perfectly in any contemporary setting.