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Contemporary rug

Contemporary rugs : from the 1960's and 70's up until this very minute rug designs. These contemporary rug designs are at the forefront of cuttng-edge fashion influenced by abstract art and following today's ever-evolving fashion trends. These Contemporary rugs exemplify the word "minimalistic," brushing away the traditional Persian curvilinear, pictoral and floral patterns and making way for understatement where texture, shape, and line are the form. This time silk does not talk "finest"; it's the raw texture of it. It's not the lines, it's the marriage of colors. It's not the size of the knot, it's the texture of the knot that speak to the room. It is the art piece on the floor. Important designers have recognized the importance of this medium and are no longer ignoring its presence, but shaping and molding it to express their voice and signature. Designers such as Calvin Klein, Christopher Fareed, Nani Marquina, Angela Adams, Marc Davidson, Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, Adam Tihani, Dakota Jackson, Wolfgang Warlamis, and many others including many which have passed away such as Picasso, Kadinski, Miro, Matisse, Klimt, and Rothko have been woven into art on the floor.


featured area rug:

featured contemporary area rug


contemporary area rugs from today's leading online retailer of contemporary area rugs. with over 500,000 square feet of warehouses, we stock the most comprehensive collection of contemporary rugs.

Contemporary rugs may be custom ordered to meet your exact color, size and quality requirements. For example, we can weave the rugs from this collection to make any area rug

round rug,
square rug,
rectangular rug,

Examples of standard rug measurements include:


Colors available for all custom made contemporary rugs include beige, orange, pink, purple, black, blue, brown, burgundy, green, grey, navy, olive, red, rust, salmon, turquoise, white & yellow.

Click here for a quote on your custom made rug.

Values, discount, & sale prices can be found in the clearance link to the right. Save with fast free shipping on all orders. Browse our online catalog and buy online today!




contemporary art carpets

Contemporary Art Rugs On Sale Now
quick sale
save 25%

contemporary art carpets from this century's contemporary masters. match with one of our home accessories. On sale now!



designer rugs

designer rugs
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contemporary rugs designed by leading designers including dakota jackson, , warlamis, adam tihany, momeni and kim parker. Cutting edge style for contemporary interiors. see also modern rugs.

retro shag rugs

retro shag rugs
(click image)

add style to your floor with super plush shag rugs. hand made with 100% angora wool.

rug pads

rug pads
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save 35%

for added luxury and longevity on your contemporary rug, our select padding are the highest quality available for area rugs. recommended for all area rugs, handmade rugs, contemporary rugs and oriental rugs.


flokati carpets

Wool Flokati Rugs
(click image)

premium quality wool flokati carpets - for the retro look.


customize any rug

Customize any Rug
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Define your style: in three simple steps, we can custom make any contemporary rug to meet exact color, size and quality requirements.

click here for a quote on your custom made rug.




under your


contemporary rugs from around the world

contemporary area rugs
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discover the vast array of contemporary rugs from around the world.

soho collection

Urban Contemporary Style Area Rugs
(click image)

style from the gurus of design. when you have space to fill, you want to fill it with only those few things that count.


contemporary tibetan rugs

Contemporary Tibetan rugs
(click image)

the highest quality area rugs and carpets available today. contemporary tibetan rugs are hand made with pure tibetan wool and silk. non skid padding recommended. see also designer area rugs.


contemporary shag carpets

contemporary shag carpet
(click image)

hand made with wool or leather, our shaggy area rugs are a cozy and contemporary addition to any room setting.


contemporary gabbeh rugs

wool gabbeh rugs
(click image)

inspired by the lush and simple rural imagry, contemporary wool gabbeh rugs have a quality hand knotted weave and design unique to each town in iran.

contemporary kids rugs

Contemporary Kids Rugs
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for the nursery, the bedroom, the playroom, or just for fun, our contemporary area rugs for kids exemplify the finest handmade carpet for kids.



contemporary rugs - clearance & on sale now
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save 50% and more

Contemporary rugs on sale now: save 50% and more in our sale section on Select sizes while supplies last.





complement your contemporary rugs with select home accessories including: lighting, fans, contemporary furniture, ceramic art, glass art, contemporary art.

contemporary lamps

Contemporary Furniture - Lamps

Complete your room with a simple touch style. turn on the power and adjust the brightness to low, medium or high by touch.


designer lighting

(click image)

decorate your home with contemporary art, furniture, gifts and lighting. gift ideas include metal, ceramic, and glass art.


contemporary canvas art

contemporary art

custom made contemporary art and paintings to match your contemporary rugs and carpets.


contemporary furniture

contemporary furniture
(click image)

complement your contemporary rugs or oriental rugs with our award winning contemporary furniture.


(click image)

contemporary fans to match any of our handmade contemporary area rugs.

ceramic art

contemporary ceramic art
(click image)

select from a variety of colors to match your contemporary room.

glass art

contemporary glass art
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a perfect accent for contemporary rugs and carpets and any contemporary interior.


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