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about area rugs

area rugs at modern rugs .com have each been selected for their unique design and superior quality.

there are three common qualitites: hand knotted rugs, hand tufted rugs, and machine woven rugs.

this first part of our area rug series focuses on the hand knotted rug. this type of weaving is the traditional way of making an an area rug. thousands of hours are spent weaving a hand knotted rug and the result is a work of art, durable enough to survive many generations.

hand knotting a rug




hand knotted rugs

hand knotted rugs are handmade using a traditional knotting method. every step in the process is completed entirely by the human hand.

hand knotted rug

dense, plush wool is sheared from tibetan sheep grazing in the altitude of the himalayas.

hand carding a rug


area rugs


the raw wool is then hand-carded to rid its impurities and manually spun into a fine quality yarn.

color master dying a rug

the color master then gives the yarn life in dye pots containing hues in every tone, tint, and shade imaginable.




modern rugs


meanwhile, a grapher steadily draws out and then paints the rug design on a full scale grid for the awaiting weavers.

with graph in hand, yarn in a wicker basket, and a cotton foundation on the loom, the weavers take over to do their magic. thousands of hours and infinite knots are nimbly wove into the rug, until the last row and the last knot is complete.

the masterpiece is at last cut from the loom. from there, it is given a final trimming to bring out beautiful details from the grain of the rug. washed and packaged for its flight across the atlantic, the folk work of art ends its journey on the floor of your home.

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