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Our fine rug underlay pads and rug pads extend the life of your rug and protect your floors or carpeting. We've selected only the best pads, all with a Good Housekeeping Seal and manufacturer's warranty. These rug pads will not harm your rugs or your floors. Rug pads help with vacuuming, by providing increased air flow and working with your vacuum cleaner to remove dirt. This is why rug pads extend the life of your area rug. Additionally, they help keep your rugs safely in place. area rug pads do keep an area rug stationary, but they also server many other purposes:

- reduce the wear and tear on an area rug, ensuring that your floor is decorated for years to come

- stop the transfer of noise and motion through the floor and walls beneath, around, and above

- area rug pads also keep the rug attached to the floor better. this makes for easier vacuuming and also reduces the risk of tripping

- to protect the smooth surfaces of some floors from scratches from the area rug

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Standard Underlay
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standard underlay area rug pad
save 35%

thick felt cushion made from carpet fiber with quality natural rubber backing for maximum durability and grip. use felt side up over hard floors and felt side down over carpeting.


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Ultra Grip Pad
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ultra grip area rug pad
save 35%

for added luxury and longevity for any area rug. ultra grip rug pad is made with a special blend of polypropylene and nylon with top quality natural rubber backing for super gripping power. use rubber side down over hard floors and rubber side up over carpeting. easy to trim with household scissors.








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We only stock two types of area rug pads due to the high quality of them. They will never stick to your floor, are hypo-allergenic, and will not hold moisture. The traditional grid area rug pads you find are known to do all of these things.

These rug pads are of the highest quality available and are normally on sale for 50%




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