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Tibet Rug Company area rugs from today's leading online retailer of Tibet Rug Company area rugs. with over 500,000 square feet of warehouses, we stock the most comprehensive collection of Tibet Rug Company rugs.


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Tibet Rug Company area rugs

"Meander rug"

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Tibet Rug Company rugs
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About Tibet Rug Company

Ancient Tradition Comes to the Modern World:

The rich color and history of Tibet are woven into each of our hand-knotted rugs. The result is a stunning collection of versatile and vibrant area rugs that will bring an essence of warmth and spirit into any room.

Tibet Rug Company emerged in 1991 with a clear vision--to unite our worlds in creative expression. The concept was simple: to combine the ancient art of Tibetan hand-knotting with original, contemporary design to create an evolving collection of rugs crafted with structural and artistic integrity.




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Customize your Tibetan area rug to any size or color
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We can custom make any Tibet Rug Company area rug to meet exact size, color, or quality requirements. our custom rugs may be woven in any shape or size, including round, to fit wall-to-wall dimensions, and runners for hallways or stairways. to learn more please contact us 301-680-8101.


tibetan area rugs at a glance

In 1959, Chinese invasion forced Tibetans to migrate by the thousands through the Himalayan mountains in search of a new home. Many settled in the Kathmandu valley where they received the support of the Swiss government to initiate a cottage industry of carpet weaving based on centuries-old tradition and technique. Initially, small rugs were produced for the growing tourist population in Nepal. In the 70s, German buyers recognized the charm and beauty of the Tibetan carpets and began to buy and distribute the designs throughout Europe. In the 80s, Tibetan carpet production rose to second standing as the nation's leading industry and it wasn't long before rugs were being designed and imported to the United States for the American market. It is important to note that since the Chinese invasion of Tibet and the subsequent nationalization of the rug weaving industry, the best quality Tibetan rugs currently being manufactured on a commercial scale are those produced in Nepal by Tibetan refugees. Tibetan rugs originating in India and other parts of the world utilize wool of a lesser quality and are inferior to those produced in Nepal.







Tibet Rug Company contemporary collection

Contemporary Tibetan rugs are a hot trend in modern interior design
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style from the gurus of design. when you have space to fill, you want to fill it with only those few things that count.


tibetan rugs

Modern rugs and carpet from Nepal
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the highest quality area rugs and carpets available today are hand knotted in Tibet Rug Company's workshops in Nepal. hand made with pure tibetan wool. non skid padding recommended. see also designer area rugs by Tibet Rug Company.







complement your Tibet Rug Company area rugs with select home accessories including: lighting, fans, contemporary furniture, ceramic art, glass art, and modern canvas art.

Tibet Rug Company's current line:

Desert Sky
Tall Stack Green
Tall Stack Grey
Tall Stack Ivory
Tall Stack Red
Ric Rack
Meander Beige
Meander Teal
Reflections Red
Reflections Plum
Silk Road
Bottle Caps Putty
Bottle Caps Red
Bottle Caps Black
Bottle Caps Eggplant
Neo Beige
Neo Blue
Poppies Beige
Poppies Green
Block Print


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