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Prof. Warlamis

Warlamis Rugs


Since 1991, Warlamis has been director of the I.D.E.A. Design Centre in Austria, an international forum where his collections are presented to the world. Among the activities of the Centre is the designing of rugs, furniture for children, china and interventions in public space.

modern rugs


"New Age Design is cosmic and natural. It contains chance structures. Its imagery needs no artificial forms bound by style. The recognition of its imagery is universal. Its imagery is emotional, allows sentiments, activates the senses. Its imagery is common knowledge. New age design contains anthropologically based patterns like warm-cold, bright-dark, soft-hard. It does justice to mankind and is of common value. It gets on without heroic avant - garde attributes. Its imagery is susceptible to cheerfulness. Its poetry is a self - evident assumption. A good sense of humor is more important than a kind of superficial, stylistic and aggressive modernism."

modern rugs



Vienna Carpet Collection

Vienna Carpet
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What is special about this collection is the quality and the feeling for that which people dream of. In this it is a simple concept : not to force all toopersonal themes on the customer, but rather to enable him to experience the world of pictures. A carpet should not be a pure presentation- and statussymbol, but rather it should suit the everyday ambience very discreetly and gently.